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Donna-Klare is a boutique cosmetic manufacturer based in New Zealand. We design, formulate and compound Longevity, a luxury moisturiser curated to support deep skin rejuvenation. 

Development of our product was founded on the vast, 3000 year-old knowledge base, practices and protocols of traditional herbalism. The goal was to create a totally plant-based product that would be a joy to use, and which would support the skin’s self-healing properties.  

Matthew Gordon and Donna-Klare (the brand is named after our first trial candidate!) co-curated Longevity over 10 progressive new releases to improve and refine the formula, and meet our objectives for product effectiveness. Field tests conducted over three years produced visible, impressive, lasting, and pleasing results among the range of people who trialed our products. 

All Donna-Klare products are individually handcrafted in a purpose-built lab environment situated on an organic farm in rural New Zealand. Product development, compounding, packaging and distribution are all strictly controlled and managed by the two founders and owners. 

We don’t compromise on quality. We manufacture our products in a safe and hygienic way using best industry practices, including sterilisation of all work areas, lab equipment and jars before use.



The Donna-Klare manufacturing process combines the traditions and techniques of herbalism with the advantages of using the latest high-tech lab equipment.

Emulsifying mixer
The high tech emulsifying mixer we use enables us to create a highly stable and very fine cream emulsion, with the cream particles under 5 microns, in order to achieve deep skin transport and penetration.

Our emulsifier and unique formulation enables us to transport the right herbal extracts throughout all layers of the epidermis and deep into the dermis layer of the skin, where they can be most effective at supporting skin health. 



Donna-Klare products are packaged using a new airless dispensing system.

This eliminates oxidation and microbial contamination that otherwise occurs with the traditional “jar and screw-top lid” method.


Product stability is preserved, and potency is maintained at the highest level right up to the last dispense. It also reduces reliance on the (natural) antioxidant and preservative.

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