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Donna-Klare loves lavender

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Donna-Klare is a huge fan of Lavender. We go to extremes to source the absolute purist and highest quality Lavender for our luxury deep skin moisturisers.

Did you know that Lavender has over 2500 years of recorded use in traditional herbalism including with the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks and Hebrews! It has a long history of being uplifting, relaxing, promoting sleep and is prized as a key ingredient in high end perfumes.

In skin care, Lavender essential oil and hydrosols have been used to support skin regeneration, to soothe skin pain, help with eczema and psoriasis, support the healing of thread veins and wounds, burns and scars. Lavender has also been used for its properties as an antiseptic and topical anaesthetic. Lavender suits all skin types, particularly drier skins. So you see why we love Lavender as a vital ingredient in Donna-Klare

Lavender NZ producers @WhitbourneLavender and @LavenderHill

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